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Today we have another great k-drama for you to dive into. Because just when you finish watching one great drama they come back with yet another superb show that we just can't stop ourselves from binging and this particular show is just like that. Now, this show takes a departure from the usual bubbly love story of a couple and their romantic journey together and rather gives us a story embedded in realistic situations, human emotions, and burning ambition. The struggle of having no aim, the burden of having a dream, a world that seems to smother everything & life that feels like a trap. This story is emotional as well as inspirational. So on this note, let us move ahead with our review and tell you everything about Twenty Five Twenty One cast, release dates & the ways to watch it.

About the Drama

This is a story of coming of age genre whose central theme is romance. But just as we said earlier, it is a different approach than the rest of the romantic k-dramas out there. This one deals with real-life problems associated with one’s life as well as celebrates the love and emotions that are built and lost in the way of surviving.

The story revolves around its five main characters and their romantic lives between the years 1998 to 2021. The IMF crisis of 1997 is the link that binds all our characters together. It was a massive economic crisis that adversely affected the South Korean economy back at that time in real life. In the story as well, the lives of the protagonists are shaken completely by that crisis and it connects all of their stories. The show very subtly depicts the feeling of loss, that too of various magnitudes and types but it never eliminates any kind of emotion for not being worthy of attention. And that’s a thing that hooks you to this show.

The story begins when the daughter of our main female lead discovers her mother’s journal at her grandma's place and starts reading about her personal life from the time of her youth. The story is told keeping in mind that very perspective. The whole show is a roller coaster of emotions, situations and actions that keeps you engaged and makes you watch right up to the 16th episode. Despite the series of grave situations and the making and breaking of relations, without spoiling the actual thing for you we can tell you that Twenty Five Twenty One ending is a happy one. 

Twenty-Five Twenty-One Korean drama release date

The drama was released on February 12th 2022 and aired up to April 3rd 2022 spanning 16 episodes in total. 

Twenty Five Twenty One Cast

Main cast & characters

  • Kim Tae-ri plays Na Hee-do, who has a natural talent for fencing and is very ambitious about it. She aspires to become a professional fencer and represent her national team. But the IMF crisis in South Korea puts a big stopper on her dreams.
  • Nam Joo-hyuk in as Baek Yi-jin, who has a riches to rags story here. Once belonging to a rich Korean family he now struggles to keep this family afloat after getting bankrupt due to the IMF crisis.
  • Bona as Ko Yu-rim/Julia Ko, another character in the show who has a liking for fencing as Hee-do and is a gold medalist of the same in her school. She also happens to be the greatest rival & also an idol for Hee-do.
  • Choi Hyun-wook as Moon Ji-woong, he’s Hee-do’s classmate and the most popular boy in the school.
  • Lee Joo-myung as Ji Seung-wan, she’s the president of the class and Moon Ji-woong’s childhood companion.

Supporting cast

  • Seo Jae-hee plays Shin Jae-kyung
  • Baek Seok-gwang in as Na Seong-jin
  • Choi Myung-bin plays Kim Min-chae
  • Park Yoon-hee in as Baek Seong-hak & many more.

Reviews & ratings

The people’s verdict for the show is quite expressly positive. In addition to that since its release, the show has maintained popularity that is quite commendable. Along with the encouraging spoken or written words on the internet the show has amassed quite amazing ratings on popular platforms too. On MyDramaList it has a rating of 8.9/10 and on IMDb, it has a stellar 9/10 rating to show.

But apart from just numbers, the general public opinion about the show has been very motivating for the makers. And the biggest reason for it is the story’s relatability, nostalgia and the depiction of genuine situations in a picturesque manner.


Twenty Five Twenty One is a show that gives you perspective about life in many ways. For example; life isn't always a cakewalk. There are paths forged in a fire as well. That dreams are necessary, but there isn’t a rule of thumb that every dream is meant to come alive. And mostly it depicts sacrifice. For and of life, love, family, friends etc. all that coupled with encouraging performances from the cast and the magic of the setting of the story. All these things make up for a satisfying watching experience.

So our final word regarding Twenty Five Twenty One drama … definitely worthy of your time.

Related queries

Where can I watch 25 21?

You can watch it on Netflix in India.

Twenty Five Twenty One how many episodes?

There are a total of 16 episodes.

Twenty Five Twenty One ending?

Episode 16 is the ending episode of the drama.

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