Action Movie Review: Jaw-Dropping Scenes And Exemplary Actions

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An additional film from R Ravindran, an Indian film producer who has primarily worked in the Tamil cinema business, has been released. R has acted in a number of well-known films, some of which have already been released. This time R Ravindran is working with prominent stars of Tamil Cinema, Vishal and Tamanna. The movie is a Telugu action movie and represents Vishal's second collaboration with Sundar C. and Tamannaah after Aambala and Kaththi Sandai, respectively. A cameo is made by Sundar C.

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Vishal Action is a 2019 Indian action movie in the Tamil language that was written, directed, and produced by R. Ravindran under the umbrella of Trident Arts. It is one of the action Telugu movies. Vishal and Tamannaah play army officers Subhash and Diya in the movie, which follows their global search for a terrorist. The movie also stars Ramki, Chaya Singh, Yogi Babu, Kabir Duhan Singh, Akanksha Puri, and Aishwarya Lekshmi, who makes her debut in Tamil cinema. Hip-hop Tamizha composed the music.

On November 15, 2019, Action was released in theatres. The action scenes, cast performances, and soundtrack got accolades.

Action movie cast-


  •  Sundar C.


  • Badri


  • Vishal as Col. Subash, Indian Army Intelligence officer
  • Tamannaah as Lt. Diya, partner of Subhash, and second love interest
  • Akanksha Puri as Kaira (#killergirl)
  • Aishwarya Lekshmi as Meera, the first love interest of Subhash and younger sister of Kayalvizhi
  • Ramki as Saravanan, elder brother of Subhash, and Deputy CM
  • Chaya Singh as Kayalvizhi, wife of Saravanan, elder sister of Meera, and sister-in-law of Subash
  • Aarav Chowdhary as Imran Khaleel, an Indian agent in Pakistan
  • Sayaji Shinde as Lt. General Rehman, chief of Subash
  • Kabir Duhan Singh as Syed Ibrahim Malik, a terrorist
  • Sha Ra as Maya Kannan, brother-in-law and college mate of Subash
  • Yogi Babu as Jack, hacker 
  • Rajasri Nair as the sister of Subhash and wife of Maya Kannan
  • Pala. Karuppiah as Chief Minister, father of Subash
  • Vincent Asokan as Deepak Mehta
  • Bharath Reddy as Bharath Rao, police officer
  • Ashwanth Ashokkumar as Ashwanth, son of Kayalvizhi
  • Yuri Suri as Tahir Iqbal
  • Ravi Venkatraman as Commissioner
  • Sundar C. as a passerby in a cameo appearance
  • Amin Hajee as Defence Minister


  • R. Ravindran

Action Vishal movie plot-

The movie chronicles the happenings in the life of Subash, a renowned Indian army man. He is the younger son of Tamil Nadu's current chief minister. Ramki, who plays his older brother, has the position of deputy chief minister. Given their political clout, Subash's family's naivete is difficult to believe. A prime ministerial candidate is killed in a bombing at an electoral rally in Chennai, inflicting shame on his family. His brother and fiancée Meera were also killed as if that weren't enough. Subash swears to exact revenge for the deaths of his loved ones and removes the stain on his family's reputation. Thus, the action starts.

The setting is the beautiful city of Istanbul. We see Tamannaah, who is attempting to conceal herself from someone, as the camera enters a crowded downtown street. The news of the murder is broadcast on television in the market, along with images of the two suspects. You guessed correctly. Vishal and Tamannaah are the suspects. Colonel Subhash, the son of a chief minister, is the focus of the story. He must find out who is responsible for the heinous terrorist assault that claimed the lives of his fiancee, as well as his older brother. His army coworker Diya, who also likes him, lends a helping hand. Tamannaah enters the net of those looking for her after a few minutes of briskly moving about the market. She is taken to a remote location in the desert, where she is beaten repeatedly. She appears to have been kidnapped shortly after leaving a spa. She doesn't appear to have suffered much from the humidity, the dust, or all the running.

Action movie review-

By Action movie review it can be said that while the film's action scenes may have an emotional anchor because of this one-line plot, which makes Subhash's mission both patriotic and personal, sadly, the writing, which is simplistic and full of corny dialogue, doesn't bring these emotions to the fore. In their place, we see images that appear to have been altered by a fidgety two-year-old. Along with the quick cuts, the editor also blurs the images, maybe to mimic the haziness of memory. But this strategy actually lessens the strength of the feelings.

The action scenes, which are the main focus of the movie, are a mixed bag. On the one hand, we witness an exciting pursuit through the streets of London; it starts as a foot pursuit, develops into a car pursuit, and finally culminates in a cliffhanger after a parkour-like performance in a slum. The best part of the movie is this section. The rest of the action scenes, however, feature more typical gravity-defying feats and frequently lack spatial coherence.

The text is sloppy and does not include any research on actual experiences. They all act like stereotypical Tamil villains, whether they are crime bosses in Istanbul or the most sought terrorists hiding out in Pakistan. The antagonists in the movie lack originality, class, and any reason to be there other than to serve as the hero's eventual punching bag.


After the Action movie review, it can be concluded that there are a few intriguing extravagant action set pieces that take place in exotic settings. especially the battle and the chase scene toward the intermission. That's not enough entertainment, though, to keep a crowd entertained for two hours and 38 minutes. After the Action movie review clearly, the conclusion is a letdown. The writing was criticized. Although it did not perform well at the movie office, the Hindi-dubbed version that was released in 2020 was a hit.

Action movie rating-

The movie's Indian theatrical debut took place on November 15, 2019. After the Action movie review, and with a 4.6/10 IMDb rating of 1.1K, the movie was a commercial failure. 

Trident Arts, the production firm, filed a complaint against Vishal for producing the movie under his label after he promised the producers he would take the losses if the movie did not gross at least INR 20 crore and make up for it by shooting a movie for them. The Madras High Court ordered Vishal to make up the losses after receiving the plea. 

Action movie trailer-


Ques. 1 Is Action movie a hit or flop?

Ans. The Action movie was a commercial failure.

Image credit: IMDb

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