Abhishekam Serial Cast, Review, and All details that you need to know till October 2021

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Abhishekam is an Indian Telugu soap opera. Abhishekam airs on ETV Telugu from Monday to Saturday in the afternoon. Abhishekam serial starting date was December 22, 2008. Abhishekam is the longest-running TV soap opera. This soap opera is directed by Dasari Narayana Rao, Haricharan, Lakshmi Srinivas, and Venkat Sriramoju. The soap opera gets telecasted originally in the Telugu language. The show is produced by Dasari Padma under the banner of "Sowbhagya Media Ltd" production company. Today Abhishekam serial has completed 3913 episodes, with a running time of about 26 minutes, and still running successfully on ETV Telugu.

The makers of the show have selected a wonderful Abhishekam Serial cast, who are playing their roles with great honesty and doing justice to the characters. Abhishekam cast has played a major role in making this show so successful.

Abhishekam serial cast:

The makers' choice for Abhishekam serial heroine is perfect. Today Abhishekam serial has become one of the most loved shows in the Telugu language. And, all this is the result of the hard work of the cast and crew of the show. This list includes the names of all Abhishekam serial actress real names. This list also includes Abhishekam serial actors names.

  • Vandana Gollu as Subhadra
  • Priyanka as Harini
  • Varsha as Latha
  • Seethamahalaxmi as Tulasi
  • Pranay Hanumadla as Dev
  • Hinduja Chowdary as a Training teacher
  • Rohit Sahni as Pujari
  • Nawazshaan as Chakrapani
  • Rupamuggalla as Latha
  • Sridevi Kumrani as Sirisa Mother
  • Sireesha Nullu as Archana
  • Siddhart Varma
  • Seetha Mahalakshmi
  • Mirchi Madhavi
  • Ravi Kiran
  • Shyamala Devi
  • Monica Kadempali as Rekha
  • Sameera Sherief
  • Saimantha
  • Sai Dharam Tej
  • Priya Anand
  • Vishnu Priya
  • Hari Teja
  • Madhu Babu
  • Kaaruna Bhushan
  • Chinna
  • Ananya
  • Shyamala Devi
  • Dileep Teja
  • Kaushik

The soap opera Abhishekam features a wonderful Abhishekam cast of actors from the Television Industry. Abhishekam serial Subhadra real name is Vandana Gollu.

Because of COVID- 19 Pandemic situation, the makers and the Abhishekam serial cast had to stop shooting for the show. The last episode before the lockdown was announced aired on March 27, 2021.

The makers did not reveal anything about Abhishekam serial starting date once the shooting got revoked. After that, the makers began shooting after three months lockdown period in mid-June. Abhishekam serial starting date after three months of lockdown was June 22, 2020.

Abhishekam television soap opera plot:

The soap opera, Abhishekam is the story of a family with family values and family relationships. Narasimham and Suseela are having two children, Vinay and Sumathi. Narasimham is a drunkard and a womanizer. These activities of him have always bought disgrace to their family. He harasses Suseela too. These are the reasons because of which Vinay hates him. Suseela, Narsimham, and Suseela's daughter die. The reason for her death was none other than but Narsimham himself. Vinay was very close to his sister and after her demise, Vinay fails to handle all this. He leaves the house and starts living with Mastaru's family in the village.

Abhishekam serial cast fame Ravi Kiran has played the role of Vinay in the show. However, Abhishekam serial actors names are listed above.

He lived in that village at Mastaru's house for about 12 years. Mastaru had a daughter named Rekha. During Vinay's stay at their house, Rekha falls in love with Vinay. Rekha's grandmother gets to know about her feelings for Vinay but she orders her to par her ways from Vinay. This is the reason why Vinay always distances himself from Rekha.

Vinay completes his studies well and becomes a successful software professional. At his office, he meets Swathi. Swathi is the daughter of his boss. Vany marries Swathi. In the meanwhile, one day, he meets his mother and Mastaru accidentally.

Abhishekam serial cast choice by the director is perfect for the roles and the characters they are playing. However, Abhishekam serial actress real names are listed above.

They tell Vinay that Mastaru's daughter Rekha is hospitalized. She is in a very serious condition. The doctors have given up on her. They want Vinay to fulfill her last wish. Rekha's last wish was to marry Vinay. First, Vinay refuses as he is already married to Swathi, his boss' daughter. But, at his mother's insistence, Vinay changes his mind and gives his consent to marry Rekha, just to fulfill her last wish. Finally, Vinay gets married to Rekha. But to everyone's surprise, Rekha gets recovered. She comes to Vinay's house. Now, this all gets complicated. It would be great fun to watch how Vinay reacts to this, how he deals with his wife, Swathi and how Swathi would react to this whole situation.

Abhishekam serial cast fame Ravi Kiran (playing the role of "Vinay"):

Ravi Kiran is a famous Telugu actor. He hails from Srikakulam in Andhra Pradesh. For the first time, Ravi Kiran acted in a TV serial, Nijam, in the year 2002. He has got fame from his ongoing Telugu show Abhishekam as Vinay. Apart from acting, Ravi Kiran is active in the field of politics also. In April 2014, he joined the BJP Party at BJP Office, Nampally. Then, he married an actress, named Sushma. She has also done several Telugu TV shows. Sushma has also acted in the Kotha Bangaru Lokam movie as Raga Sudha. Both of them together participated in a dance reality show. Ravi Kiran is one of the most important parts of Abhishekam cast members. Here is a list of TV shows Abhishekam serial cast fame Ravi Kiran has done:

  • Aapradhi
  • Ashta Chemma
  • Nijam Nijam
  • Chinna KOdalu
  • Alaukika
  • Nammaleni Nijalu
  • Nuvvu Vasthavani
  • Edadugulu

Ravi Kiran has also tried his luck in the films. He has done Jumbo Crime Story.

Here is a short clip of Ravi Kiran's interview:


Abhishekam serial cast Mounica (playing the role of Rekha in the show):

Mounica received a big break in the show Radha Madhu as Madhu. This show was aired on MAATV. She has also acted in other shows like Rama Seetha (Zee Telugu), Ranivasam (Gemini TV). Currently, she is playing the role of Rekha in the ETV Telugu soap opera Abhishekam.

Mounica has been one of the important characters in the Abhishekam cast. Abhishekam serial cast fame Mounica has also done several films. A few of her TV Shows are listed below:

  • Radha Madhu
  • Raktasambandham
  • Laya
  • Kumkumarekha
  • Arundhati
  • Janaki weds Raghuram
  • Rama Seetha
  • Ranivasam
  • Matrudevobhava
  • Sri Venkateswara Vaibhavam
  • Ganga

A few of the movies in which Mounica has acted are listed below:

  • Oka Oorilo
  • Athadu
  • Chukkallo Chandrudu
  • Stalin
  • Annavaram
  • Vijayadasami
  • Josh
  • Vettaikaran
  • Sher
  • Ninnu Kori

Samira Sherief:

Abhishekam serial heroine, Samira Shereif is a Telugu actress and producer. She hails from Hyderabad, Telangana. This Abhishekam serial heroine had started her career as an actress at the age of 15 years. She has done her debut as an actress with the TV Show Adapillain in the year 2006. She got married to Syed Anwar. He was her co-star in the TV show Pagal Nilavu in the year 2019. She gave birth to a son on September 4, 2021. Samira Sherief has won Vijay Television Award for Favourite Find for her acting in the show Pagal Nilavu. Samira Sherief has acted in several TV shows.

A few of Abhishekam serial cast fame Samira's TV shows are listed below:

  • Aadapilla
  • Abhishekam
  • Bharayamani
  • Muddu Bidda
  • Dr. Chakravarty
  • Moodu Mulla Bandjam
  • Prathibimbam
  • Thodi Kodallu
  • Pagal Nilavu
  • Aravindha Sametha

This is the result of the hard work of the makers of Abhishekam TV shows, Abhishekam serial cast, and Abhishekam serial heroine & actors who have made this show so much popular. The show is the longest-running show, and as of now, the show has completed 3912 episodes. These Telugu serial actors names and their biography have been discussed above. Today Abhishekam serial is one of the most loved shows of ETV Telugu.

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