Aaviri Movie Review: Is This Horror-Thriller Worth Your Time?

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Ravi Babu directed the film Aaviri, released on November 1st, 2019. This film has a running time of 1 hour and 53 minutes and is available in Telugu. The Flying Frogs label produced the thriller Aaviri Telugu movie. The story of Aaviri movie centers on a young child who has a poor connection with her parents and vanishes from home after appearing to make friends with a ghost. Aaviri in English means steam, vapor. What did she do there? She departed, but why? Did the parents play a role in it somehow? 

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About The Movie

A successful businessman who enjoys a pleasant life with his wife and children is Rajkumar Rao (Ravi Babu). Unfortunately, one of his children passes away from an asthma attack, and the other girl begins acting strangely and communicating with an invisible spirit. Who is this ghostly entity? Is it the soul of the eldest daughter of Rajkumar? Why pick on the family of Rajkumar Rao? To know more, you must continue reading the article's story section and the Aaviri movie review paragraph. 

Aaviri Telugu Movie Cast


  • Ravi Babu


  • Ravi Babu 
  • Satyanand


  • Ravi Babu as Raj
  • Neha Chauhan as Leena
  • Priya Vadlamani as Jahnvi
  • Baby Sri Muktha
  • Bharani Shankar
  • Mukhtar Khan
  • Producer:
  • Ravi Babu

Aaviri Telugu Movie Story

With their daughter Munni, Raj (Ravi Babu) and Leena (Neha Chauhan) move into a magnificent ancient house. By chance, Munni encounters the ghost of her sister, who passed away from asthma. The spirit eventually succeeds in chasing Munni out of the house. The rest of the story is made up of what follows. 

Aaviri Movie Review

The opening sequence, which depicts the passing of Rajkumar Rao's eldest daughter, was performed in an intriguing way that piques interest in the events. The young lady who played the younger daughter did a terrific job because she had excellent facial expressions. Hushaaru Priya Vadlamani received a significant part and performed well despite having little on-screen time. The entire plot's climactic twist has been delivered respectably. There are a couple of terrific, suspenseful situations in the first half with the girl. In their roles, Ravi Babu, Neha Chauhan, Bharani Shankar, and Mukhtar Khan do alright. 

Although Satyanand's storyline is passable, there are only so many ways to depict a young child attempting to flee in a two-hour film. And by the time the "great revelation" occurs, you've had enough of all the sideshows because you could smell it coming from a mile away. The scariest thing in Aaviri, aside from the paranormal activity, is Munni's temper outbursts, especially since she keeps getting rewarded for them.

The concept behind Ravi Babu's horror film about ghosts that can't be seen is admirable, but his screenplay lacks tension, and his narration is slow. After a compelling opening sequence, the movie falters due to uninspired dialogue and forced emotions from the key actors. The viewer may feel more like they are watching a teleserial than a complete picture because the movie mainly revolves around a small cast of individuals. The movie's horror components are mishandled; as a result, they become comedic spoofs rather than evoking a feeling of fear. The situations in the house and Rajkumar Rao's office are entirely intertwined, resulting in too many scenes in the movie that make no sense. The film's expensive setup also doesn't seem appropriate for its genre. The background music follows well-worn ground. In the current setup, the cinematography is successful. Most of the movie was shot inside a house (which is toured by its characters repeatedly throughout the film). This Aaviri movie review section has covered most of the analysis and information about the movie. 


Most of the writer-director Ravi Babu's career has been spent as a responsible filmmaker. The sole instance in which he made a severe mistake was "Adhugo." One resolved never to see another horror-thriller after the awful "Avunu-2" encounter. But 'Aaviri,' which fizzles out after the first 30 minutes, demonstrates that we are wrong. Aaviri's weak narrative causes it to collapse. Its climax is a cheap shot if its characters are poorly written. This one will make you laugh in serious scenes, so forget about the thrills and the scares. As long as you have a subscription to the video streaming OTT service, you can watch the movie online on Netflix or SonyLiv. The genres of this film are horror, drama, suspense, and thriller.

Aaviri IMDb Movie Rating

107 users of IMDb gave it a weighted average rating of 3.5/10.

Aaviri Trailer 

Image Credits: IMDb

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