Aatagallu Movie Review: Know If This Movie Is Worth Watching!

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Paruchuri Murali is the film's director of the Aatagallu Telugu movie, and Vasireddy Ravindra Nath, Vasireddy Sivaji Prasad, Makkena Ramu, and Vadlapudi Jithendra are its producers under the Friends Movie Creations label. It's about a public defense convinced that his client is not guilty of murder when all the evidence is against it. 

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About The Movie

Anjali, the wife of well-known film director Siddharth, passes away in mysterious circumstances. Siddharth is the initial suspect, but a carpenter is eventually taken into custody. The public prosecutor Veerendra and the director play mind games as the investigation develops. How is Siddharth's wife introduced to him, how does she pass away, and who is the real murderer, according to the rest of the story? 

Aatagallu Movie Cast


  • Parachuri Murali


  • G.G.V.K. Chiranjeevi


  • Jagapathi Babu as Pubilc Prosectour Veerendra
  • Nara Rohit as Siddharth
  • Darshana Banik as Anjali
  • Brahmanandam as Go Go
  • Subbaraju as DCP Nayak
  • Sritej as Munna
  • Chalapathi Rao as Tenali Naidu
  • Nagineedu as CM
  • Prabhu as Dharma Rao
  • Satyam Rajesh as Rajesh Kumar
  • Priya as Padma, Anjali's mother
  • Jeeva as Munna's father
  • Tulasi as Munna's mother
  • Pilla Prasad as Excise Minister
  • Chitti


  • Vaasireddy Ravindra
  • Vaasireddy Sivaji
  • Vaddapudi Jithendra
  • Makkina Ramu

Aatagallu Telugu Movie Story

The well-known filmmaker Siddharth denies killing his wife Anjali and is accused of doing so. Veerendra, a criminal lawyer without a loss, is chosen as the prosecution. Veerendra feels Siddharth is innocent even though the evidence points to his guilt. He works to do so. Veerendra finds proof that Munna, Anjali's ex-lover, is the guilty party and works to have Siddharth exonerated. Veerendra quickly learns that Siddharth has duped him and that he is the real murderer. In a flashback, Siddharth is shown to be an arrogant individual who cannot stand having his reputation tarnished. One night, Siddharth gets into a battle with a farmer named Dharma Rao; after the latter slaps the former, Siddharth fights back and knocks the farmer out. Anjali, who the occurrence has negatively impacted, chooses to tell the truth. Siddharth kills Anjali in an attempt to stop her. Veerendra targets Siddharth in the present and reveals his actual identity. The selfish and narcissistic Siddharth commits suicide as the film closes. The way the tale is presented in the first half of the film falls flat. Everyone seems to be merely going through the motions without any genuine interest. The director's intended bite is missing from the proceedings. One wouldn't have minded leaving the movie in the first half if not for some elegant moments for Jagapathi Babu. Continue reading through the article to read more on the Aatagallu movie review in the following paragraph. 

Aatagallu Movie Review

Another tedious movie that entered Tollywood is Aatagallu. After a prolonged break, director Parachuri Murali released a new film. Primal Fear, a Hollywood film, inspired Aatagallu, but the director tried to give it a new spin. Unfortunately, he is unable to construct a convincing story. The proceedings are disconnected from the beginning, making the public feel dull in their chairs. Due to the lack of clever writing, the apparent mind game between Veerendra and Siddharth turns out to be a wet hollow point. This movie requires patience because the main components are unsuitable for commercial use. The character of Jagapathi Babu first develops as intelligent and dedicated, but as the story goes on, he loses some of his initial zeal.

The movie begins to tell the narrative of Nara Rohit and Darshana after creating the basic murder plot. In Tollywood, Nara Rohit is portrayed as a leading filmmaker. The Disney Studio's creative director is Darshana. To make Mahabharat in Hollywood under the leadership of Nara Rohit, the top director of Tollywood, Brahmanandam, who plays Mr. Go Go, the head of Disney's Asia Pacific region, travels to India. Hollywood studio executive Brahmanandam That concept alone must be terrifying. He would drive us crazy with his comedy. 

Nara Rohith's character has two distinct personalities, and he tries to pass for both a scary suspect and an image-conscious director. There are no noteworthy aspects of the public prosecutor role that Jagapathi Babu played. Jagapathi Babu Old Movies List includes Manchi Manushulu, Simha Swapnam, Parishkaram, Mother India, Aadarsam, Subhalagnam, Sankalpam, and many more as such. Another time, the comedy of Brahmanandam fails to impress. In contrast to Nara Rohith, model-turned heroine Darshana looks fine but seems too small. Overall, Aatagallu plays with its audience's patience more so than it does with its characters onscreen. The nature of the film may cause Paruchuri Murali to lose his cool once more. The director has to be praised for considering the "Image Complex." 


The murder mystery movie "Aatagallu" had no interesting parts throughout the entire running time. Nara Rohith and Jagapathi Babu are wasted in this film, which has B-grade production values. You can choose to avoid it after reading about the Aatagallu movie review section in the above paragraph. 

Aatagallu Movie Rating

168 members of IMDb gave this film a weighted average rating of 5.1/10.

Aatagallu Movie Trailer

Image Credits: IMDb

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