Aakasam Nee Haddura: Journey Of Nedumaaran Of Building A Successful Airline

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Aakasam Nee Haddura movie directed by Sudha Kongara as well as featuring Suriya as well as Aparna Balamurali was in part influenced by incidents in the life of GR Gopinath, the man who founded Air Deccan. The story is taken from the book "Simply Fly," the tale.

Hii people today we are going to tell you about your favorite hero Suriya film in which he acted as a lead actor don't be afraid all about the film is going to be discussed such as the story, aakasam nee haddura review, its cast, and all other details.

About The Movie:

Aakasam Nee Haddhu Ra by Sudha Kongara is a motivational story based on "tales from the aviation business". Maha (Suriya), the child of a teacher (Poo Ramu), decides to launch a low-cost aircraft that will appeal to those who are less fortunate.

Aakasam Nee Haddura Cast:


  • Sudha Kongara


  • Sudha Kongara Prasad


  • Suriya as Nedumaaran Rajangam
  • Aparna Balamurali as Sundari "Bommi" Nedumaaran
  • Paresh Rawal as Paresh Goswami
  • Mohan Babu as M. Bhaktavatsalam Naidu
  • Urvashi as Pechi Rajangam
  • Karunas as Alapparai
  • Poo Ramu as Rajangam
  • Vivek Prasanna as Sebastian
  • Kaali Venkat as Kaali
  • Krishnakumar as Chaitanya "Che" Rao
  • Achyuth Kumar as Anantha Narayanan
  • Vinodhini Vaidyanathan as Chitra Ramaswamy
  • Prakash Belawadi as Prakash Babu
  • G. Gnanasambandam as Chinnaswamy
  • Dan Dhanoa as Vimal Balaiyya
  • R. S. Shivaji as Anantha Narayanan's PA
  • Ramachandran Durairaj as Arivu
  • Vishalini as Muthulakshmi


  • Suriya
  • Jyothika
  • Guneet Monga

Aakasam Nee Haddura Movie Plot:

After telling you about the story in this part we are going to discuss the aakasam nee haddura review. Veteran Indian Air Force commander Nedumaaran Rajangam, also known as "Maara," has ambitions to establish a low-cost airline. He looks up to Paresh Goswami, the hard-working Jaz Airlines owner who has had significant success in the aviation sector. Sundari aka Bommi, for whom the family is searching for a decent husband for her, pays Maara a trip one day. Bommi's disposition wins Maara over, and she consents to marry her. To his dad's dismay, he claims that he was a rebellious child who was brought up with a troubled relationship. He later enlisted in the Air Force and thrived there. Because of his defiant disposition, his superior, M. Naidu, frequently admonished him. Maara attempted to purchase a ticket home while his father lay dying but discovered he lacked the funds. He makes numerous unsuccessful pleas for financial assistance. His father had indeed passed away before he arrived. This sparked his desire to build a low-cost aircraft. But Bommi denies him because she thinks he won't care about her when they are married.

Naidu rejects Maara's request to borrow money from the ex-serviceman thus that he can launch his airline. Maara has no choice but to board the same plane with Paresh. He suggests that they form low-cost aircraft together. Nevertheless, Paresh makes fun of Maara because he thinks the underprivileged shouldn't go with the wealthy. To attract consumers, he generates revenue at gas stations as well as railway stations under the moniker Deccan Air. The aircraft are flown by retired Air Force pilots, and Bommi is given responsibility for the onboard cuisine.

On the day the plane is delivered, Paresh utilizes his clout to prevent the flight from landing in Chennai, forcing it to make a crash landing just at Tambaram Air Force base because of a fuel shortage. Upon learning about Maara's goals, Naidu calls him to clarify the emergency stop and releases him with a fine. On the day preceding the inaugural flight, the aircraft bursts into flames and therefore is forced to postpone takeoff. It became clear that Paresh had bought the flight's derailment by paying the pilot. Before the inquiry, the captain admits his errors.

A well-known businessman named Vimal Balaiyya proposes to purchase Deccan Air, but Maara declines noting variances in their points of view. To crush Maara's aspirations, Paresh launches a hate campaign targeting Deccan Air, but Maara assures everybody that their flights are secure and economical. But nobody shows up with one of the airplanes on the first day of operation. Maara learns that the reservations for that specific trip were not booked as a result of a system glitch just because he's about to give up. But every other flight is already booked. Maara observes the arrival of the other flights while beaming with joy.

Afterward, Paresh contacts Maara & offers to cooperate with him. Maaran declines the proposal and says that Paresh "does not control the sky" and also that "farmers always flown and therefore will keep flying." Paresh concedes loss as Deccan Air succeeds as a result.

The Indian Civil Aviation Minister invites Paresh to Delhi in the middle of the night, chastises him for delaying Deccan Air's debut flight, and threatens to close down Jaz Airlines. Later, Paresh appears in a restroom having an anxiety attack as well as attempting to take his medication, but it drops to the floor. Paresh receives the pill from a cleaner in the restroom, instilling into his respect for underprivileged communities.

Aakasam Nee Haddura Review:

A director who devotes the most effort to pre-production work is Sudha Kongara. Her tireless efforts for the movie are evident throughout. She successfully dramatized a pioneer's true story. It appears like Kongara did a lot of study before writing the script. She successfully incorporated romance, drama, family dynamics, and light humor to create a mainstream entertainer. We can see in the aakasam nee haddura movie review that despite the somewhat slow narration, we are not bored. It is possible to discern Sudha Kongara's practical attitude. There are hardly many scenes that promote the empowerment of women. With his backdrop soundtrack, GV Prakash Kumar enhances the outstanding camerawork of Niketh Bommireddy. Aakasam nee haddura naa songs in the movie are good. Sathish Suriya's editing required some trimming. Both 2D Entertainment as well as Sikhya Entertainment have excellent production values.

Suriya merely inhabited the part of performers. After seeing the movie, we can't picture any other actor playing the part. One of the best performers of this generation gave one of their best performances here. Aparna Balamurali was the perfect candidate. She is not like the standard commercial heroine. However, when it relates to performance, she is lethal. The relationship between Suriya and Aparna is the Aakasam Nee Haddu ra movie standout feature. Mohan Babu was Suriya's guru, and he had a little but significant part. Even if the antagonist Paresh Rawal's character lacks depth, he does well in that role. As always, Urvashi is excellent. Other musicians were alright.

As Suriya's first airline pilots don't receive landing permission from the ground, the film opens with a breathless scene in which Suriya orders the crew to touchdown the aircraft in military territory. The story spans six years. Aparna Balamurali is portrayed as a food enthusiast who wants to open a bakery. The Udipi hotel vs. five-star great addition the viewer grasp the hero's goals, and then the entire town contributes financially to assist him to realize his goals. Another dramatic part is the intermission episode. With significant family strife, the second half's takeoff is a little delayed. He is under constant strain, although his wife is usually encouraging. At one point, his friends urge him to sell the business to a well-known airline that makes a sizable offer. The very first flight's equipment failure was dramatized simply to postpone the triumph. Nerve-wracking pre-climax scenes were followed by a joyous conclusion.

Aakasam nee haddura review is an excellently constructed movie overall, despite some minor flaws. The movie is full of strong feelings, but it is undoubtedly motivating for young people. It's an interesting movie because of the main actors' performances, Sudha Kongara's direction, and the greatest work by the other technicians. Is Aakasam nee haddura real story must be your question answer to it is yes it is. The true account of Captain GR Gopinath, who founded the airline Air Deccan, serves as the foundation for the film.


There are many moving moments in the movie, which are based on a true story. The film's finale is a significant win because it ended on an emotional note. The film's director put a lot of effort into the emotional charts of each character. The backstories are beautifully written, which makes the actors appear genuine on television. The story in the movie was heavily fictionalized while being based upon a real-life person.

Aakasam Nee Haddura IMDb Rating:

8.7 out of 10 with 86,864 votes on IMDb

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