Aadha Ishq Review: A Passionate Love Story With Complicated Relationships And Human Emotions

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Directed by Nandita Mehra, the Voot Select web series, Aadha Ishq is a romantic thriller with drama. The producers Bhairavi Raichura and Nandita Mehra produced the series under the banner of 23 Frames Media. Filmed by gaming the beautiful valleys of Kashmir, the Aadha Ishq series gives complete vibes of a romantic setup.

With a running time of about 28 minutes per episode, the web series comprises nine episodes.

In the story of Jaya Mishra, Gaurav Arora, Aamna Sharif, Pratibha Ranta, and Kunal Roy Kapoor have portrayed the lead characters on screen.

Released on the 12th of May 2022, the web series is streaming on Voot Select.

Aadha Ishq review: Aadha Ishq Cast:

  • Gaurav Arora as Saahir Singh (Rene and Roma's love interest)
  • Aamna Sharif as Roma Bhardwaj (Aman and Saahir's ex-girlfriend, Milind's ex-wife)
  • Pratibha Ranta as Rene Bhardwaj (Roma's daughter and Jass's ex-girlfriend)
  • Kunal Roy Kapoor as Milind (Samaira's husband and Rene's father)
  • Gautam Ahuja as Andy (Rene's best friend, Karen's son)
  • Darsheel Safary as Jass (Rene's ex-boyfriend)
  • Pooja Bhamrrah as Samaira (Milind's wife, Rene's stepmother)
  • Suchitra Pillai as Karanjit "Karen" Kaur (Roma's best friend and Andy's mother)
  • Vishal Karwal as Aman (Roma's ex-boyfriend)
  • Geeta Tyagi as Saahir's mother

Aadha Ishq review: Storyline:

Aadha Ishq is an incomplete love story of three complicated and intertwined relationships. Set in two cities, the lives of all the people are on a roller coaster. It is an incomplete love story with multiple heartbreaks.

What do you think will happen when both the mother and daughter develop feelings for the same man?

Isn't this strange that the mother-daughter duo fall for the same man?

Aadha Ishq review: Episodes:

Episode 1 (Yeh Ishq Ajab): The first episode of the Aaha Ishq web series kickstarts with a turbulent face-off of two lovers, who parted ways ten years ago. There is a secret about their separation that will explode Roma's life if the truth comes to light. But will she risk her all for the love of his life?

Rene, a college student, falls for her professor, Saahir, who holds a tragic and painful past. Rene's mother Roma has had a tragic love past with Saahir.

Saahir enters into Roma's life again, making the atmosphere tense. This romantic thriller is a drama that becomes tense at the beginning.

Episode 2 (Gustakh Dil)

Episode 3 (Shiddat)

Episode 4 (Main Tenu Hi Mangeya)

Episode 5 (Daayre)

Episode 6 (Aaj Jaane Ki Zidd Na Karo)

Episode 7 (Agar Tum Saath Ho)

Episode 8 (Beparwah Dil)

Episode 9 (Mann Bharya)

A married woman falls for a married man, disturbing her married life. On the other hand, her daughter also develops feelings for the same man her mother loves. Now it will be interesting to watch the complicated relationships and human emotions.

With the opening theme, Aadha Aadha Ishq Humara, Gulzar has given his voice to the series. All the episodes got released on Voot Select on the 12th of May 2022.

Aadha Ishq web series review does not match the expectations of the viewers.

Aadha Ishq review:

The story of Aadha Ishq revolves around the emotions of humans. The story tries to explain how complicated human emotions are. The story series briefs the complexities of human relationships and emotions. The wen series ends up filled with dialogues and romance. These things are a must for a web series to succeed.

The series' pilot episode kickstarts Gulzar's poetry. The poetry sets the viewers' expectations high with the story. However, we have numerous love stories with a love triangle. So, Aadha Ishq does not offer anything new to the viewers.

Shot amid the breathtaking valleys of Kashmir, the scenes of the series give us a visual treat.

Aadha Ishq review: crew:

Director Nandita Mehra and writer Jaya Mishra have come together and have co-written the story for all nine episodes of the series. But according to the critics, Aadha Ishq Voot does not display the passionate scenes that such love stories deserve. The intensity of the scenes does not match the standards set by the critics and audience. The story seems to be promising on paper. But the audience fails to connect with the scenes on screen.

Aadha Ishq web series review: Filming and Stroy:

The story takes us from the past to the present Roma and Saahir. They both fell for each other in Kashmir in the year 20212. Ten years later, Saahir becomes a professor. And Roma's daughter, Rene, meets him at college. But she also develops a soft corner for Saahir, making their lives and relationships complicated.

But both the love stories do not look real and passionate to the audience.

The makers have added a few scenes of Roma's husband, Milind. He refuses to divorce Roma to control her. He decides to punish Roma for a strained relationship with him. His character is depicted to be some kind of misogynist.

Aadha Ishq review: ratings:

The Times of India has rewarded the Aadha Ishq Voot Select with 2.7 average ratings out of 5. While the most trusted critic, IMDb, has rated the Aadha Ishq series with 6.2 points out of 10. The Aadha Ishq web series review points are average in the terms of success.


Q. Will there be Aadha Ishq 2?

Ans. The makers are planning to bring up the next season of Aadha Ishq. But there has not been any official announcement regarding the Aadha Ishq season 2 release date. However, we can expect the release of the series in the middle of 2023.

Q. How many episodes of Aadha Ishq?

Ans. Streaming on Voot Select, the Aadha Ishq web series comprises 9 episodes with a running time of 28 minutes each.

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