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This British comedy series first aired on 20 October 2013 on the British Free cable service’s Channel 4. Directed by Michael Cumming and created jointly by Arthur Mathews & Matt Berry. The production company behind Toast of London is Objective Media Group and Kate Daughton is the producer. It stars Robert Bathurst, Doon Mackichan, Harry Peacock along with Matt Berry himself, who is the protagonist of the show. 

Are you a fan of sitcoms? Do you enjoy heavy doses of comedy and just genuinely unhinged fun? If your answers are yes and yes for both the questions… then we have a treat for you today. And this is a show that many of you may be oblivious of, well even I was until I was asked to review it. But once I saw it, I knew this is the stuff you need to see. So allow me to introduce you to this crazy British Sitcom Toast of London.

Just sit back and relax while I decode the toast of London cast, story, updates and more for you. 

Its seasons are very short consisting of only 25 episodes (including 1 pilot episode) throughout its 4 seasons. This makes it a great show to binge-watch and have fun with. Now there is an interesting thing to know, the first three seasons of the show are based in Britain and thus have the name Toast of London but the 4th season is set in the United States and thus is renamed Toast of Tinseltown. 

Now it's time to meet the cast and characters of the show in depth. 

Toast of London Cast

Main Cast

  • Matt Berry as Steven Gonville Toast. The protagonist of the show and also its lifeline. He’s a hopeless single and a wannabe ladies' man, although people say the same for his acting career too though he chooses to think otherwise. Berry also portrays the younger version of Steven Toast’s father, Colonel Gonville in one of the episodes in the show. 
  • Doon Mackichan as Jane Plough. Toast's unhelpful and hardly useful agent. She’s quite posh and also believes she’s superior to Toast but in reality, she is as miserable as him in terms of doing her work. An interesting fact about this character is that in the pilot it was portrayed by a different actress. Mackichan also plays the role of Brooke Hooberman, the US agent of Toast in Toast of Tinseltown.

  • Harry Peacock as Ray "Bloody" Purchase. A fellow actor & Toast's rival, a brutal homophobe & an important character in Toast of London cast. They have a cat-n-mouse kind of relationship when it comes to their rivalry and they are always in the quest to get above each other. He also portrays Ray's albino twin brother, Bill Purchase in one of the episodes. 
  • Tim Downie as Danny Bear, a studio sound engineer and the stereotypical hipster who regularly hires Toast for voiceover work in a London studio.
  • Shazad Latif is Clem Fandango, another hipster who is doing work experience in the recording studio.
  • Tracy-Ann Oberman is Mrs Purchase, the wife of Ray Purchase and a prostitute who is enjoying an affair with Toast.

Recurring Toast of London Cast

  • Adrian Lukis as Colonel Blair Toast, Steven's older brother. An army veteran.
  • Amanda Donohoe is Ellen, Toast's abusive and volatile ex-wife. Despite her poor treatment of him, Toast continues to have feelings for her.

The plot of Toast of London Sitcom

The story of the show revolves around Steven Toast who is an actor and more than an actor a bad-luck-ridden fellow whose acting career and life can be stated using the same word i.e; Shipwreck. But despite his failed endeavours with acting and trying to be a casanova he considers himself quite well-off and that is the USP of his character. 

The show revolves around his different acting gigs and his encounters with different women in every episode, where Toast can be seen doing all sorts of crazy & hilarious stuff but for good acting. Apart from these changing scenarios, there are a few things that you can find Toast indulging in regularly, first is the god-awful play in which he acts every night & then the customary trips to the voice-over studio. And the common denominator among both the places… he gets mocked like hell on both the places. 

The first three seasons are based in Great Britain and the fourth season sees our poor Toast being considered for an acting role in Hollywood. There are some amazing performers in the Toast of London cast and the direction of Mathew Cummings is spot on as well. 

Music of Toast of London

Toast of London theme music is "Take My Hand" by Matt Berry was released on the album Witchazel. Apart from the theme song, there is also a novelty song in each episode which is sung by the character of Matt Berry and others, on some occasions the song is sung towards the fourth wall too.

Toast of London Season 4

Toast of Tinsletown as it is called officially is the fourth season or series 4 of the show and is set in the backdrop of the United States. And the character of Steven Toast moves to the land of opportunities to make his mark in Hollywood. But the slump of his life rejuvenates and his journey is again filled with bumps, bruises and all sorts of whacky & hilarious things.

From getting roles snatched from him and him getting it back again, to losing a major movie deal due to a bizarre incident involving a famous actor, to getting in a silly beef with a director and whatnot. You'll never find a dull moment in this season of the show as well. 

Toast of London season 4 release date: 4 January 2022

A Toast to Comedy

All I can say about this show is that it is crazy. The comedy is very mature and the kind of stuff that a grown-up viewer needs. Let me remind you it's not your average family-friendly sitcom but something for the taste of a rather mature audience. Maybe then you may like or dislike the explicit nature of the show but if you keep an open mind and try to have fun with it, you’ll love it for sure. 

Toast of London Trailer


Ques.1 What is the story of Toast of London Season 3 Episode 6?

Ans. It is the season finale of season 3 in which Toast aims to star in a very ambitious play but ends up doing that which he did not like. 

Ques.2 where to watch Toast of London?

Ans. On Netflix

Ques.3 Is Toast of London leaving Netflix?

Ans. Yes, the series is set to leave Netflix on September 1, 2022.

Ques.4 Is Toast of London on Netflix?

Ans. Yes, it can be found on Netflix.

Ques.5 Is Toast of London funny?

Ans. Absolutely funny.

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