A simple film with thrilling storyline: Munduvareda Adhyaya review

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Welcome back buddies, India has a variety of languages and so does a variety of film industries and every industry has its beautiful culture-based movies. And exploring all of them might be hard for one to do, therefore, we are here again with an exciting movie review. Which is full of great suspense and action. This movie also satisfies and does justice to its genre. We here tried our best to keep you entertained and tried our best to not give you a spoiler, yet you can face one or two. So rather than wasting more time here let us just dive into the Munduvareda Adhyaya review.


Munduvareda Adhyaya is a Kannada language movie. This is an action thriller genre movie, the word Munduvareda Adhyaya meaning can be broken further into Munduvareda means: forward / further and Adhyaya means: chapter. Thus the whole word Munduvareda Adhyaya meaning is the further chapter. The director of the movie is a debutant director who also has written the whole story. Munduvareda Adhyaya OTT rating is also satisfactory. Munduvareda Adhyaya trailer is also very interesting, Munduvareda Adhyaya IMDb rating is also satiable as per the movie, and the Munduvareda Adhyaya review by the audience was also appreciable. Although the movie did not gain any recognition at the box office yet it was appreciated by many.

Release Date and time 

Munduvareda Adhyaya trailer on Youtube was launched on 29 January 2020 and the movie was released on 19 March 2021. Munduvareda Adhyaya OTT is also available on amazon prime. the movie running time is 120 minutes.

The plot 

Aditya the male protagonist is here known by his character Bala. Bala is an Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), who was on leave. Little did he know that his vacation after-life is going to perplex him so much. It was a murder that started all the chaos and to end all the chaos and to bring public peace to the city ACP Bala has to solve the mystery.

The story starts when Chandana Gowdi who plays Doctor Achhari is friends with a journalist namely Sakshi. The role of Sakshi was played by Ashika Somashekar. Doctor Acchari Video records some evidence of a drug-dealing incident in the hospital, where she works, and then Doctor Acchari was murdered, it was thought to be the contractor. The contractor's name was Vishwas Narayan was also found dead, as he was also murdered by someone. Now it is up to ACP Bala to solve the mystery and reveal the real culprit behind all of these heinous crimes.

Cast character 

  • Deadly Aditya plays/acted as ACP Bala     
  • Mukhyamantri Chandru plays/acted as Home Minister     
  • Jai Jagadish plays/acted as Commissioner     
  • Bhaskar Shetty plays/acted as Contractor Vishwplays/acted as Narayan     
  • Ajay Raj plays/acts as Actor Chintan       
  • Vinay Krishnaswamy plays/acted as MLA Shantha Shankar       
  • Ashika Somashekar plays/acted as Journalist Sakshi      
  • Chandana Gowda plays/acted as Doctor Acchari        
  • Sandeep Kumar plays/acted as Karna
  • Shobhan plays/acted as Robert


As per the Munduvareda Adhyaya review from the critics is 3/5. Munduvareda Adhyaya IMDb rating is 6.1/10

Review the good 

This movie is great and here are a few merits of the Munduvareda Adhyaya movie. The whole movie kept people engaged from the beginning to the end. The trailer was also interesting enough to keep the urge of watching the movie. Satisfies the suspension. The male lead Aditya aced with his acting skill. Aditya got a longer screen time. Every actor did justice to their chosen characters. The whole first part is the real treat. The twist and turns of the first part were mysterious and had been dramatized well.

Review the bad 

Though the movie is a treat to thriller lovers yet some things were missing per the fellow audiences the movie base was very basic of the movie. As per Munduvareda Adhyaya's review by the audience is that the abstract of the movie was nothing new as many other movies have already featured the very same abstract earlier. Unlike every movie, the good officers were always on vacation or on leave this movie also has the same theme, which quite turns down the movie. The screen time of both the actresses was very less. It was again a more male-dominated screentime movie, and we wanted more screentime from the actresses. The makeup game was not satisfactory or we can say the makeup for the movie is not satiable. Munduvareda Adhyaya movie is a slow burn film. The second part was quite guessable and the mystery can be solved by the audience on their own. In many places, the audio in the film was muted just to create the suspension which is a big “no-no” for any high-quality suspense movie. This movie also contains drugs, rich businesses man those who are into smuggling, including politicians and others. The movie was a disaster as per the box office chart. The budget of the movie was 1 crore rupees and the total collection was around 95 lakhs INR in the theatre.


As per all of the Munduvareda Adhyaya review the movie is interesting, and hooks up till the end and also the male lead namely Aditya has also confessed/said he agreed to take upon the role because of the very the same reason, that is it keeps the audience hooked till the end. Though the movie was a disaster and has a lot of drawbacks yet it is interesting and watchable.

We will be back again with other reviews soon, till then keep chilling.

Frequently asked questions

What is the meaning of Munduvareda Adhyaya?

Answer:- The word Munduvareda Adhyaya means is further chapter.

Munduvareda Adhyaya remake?

Answer:- Well, there is no news of the Munduvareda Adhyaya remake by the makers or others. 

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