A Kaand that steals your heart: Matsya kaand season 2 release date and season 1 review

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There is a certain thing about crime shows and thrillers that makes us always want more. Be it the spectacular action sequences or the evil genius & the addictive personality of an anti-hero. In short, we love our villains as much as we do our heroes. But then there are some instances where we have a hard time deciding who is whom? And you know that we love those kinds of stories even more than the conventional bad guy plots. Today we have one such amazing show for you from our very own indie ott platform MX Player. This show has been the talk of the towns, cities, villages and every household there is because it could be watched for free. But that does not spoil the quality of this show even a bit. So here is our Matsya kaand web series review for you.

About the show

Matsya kaand is an Indian thriller and crime web series that is streaming online on MX player for free. There are 11 episodes in total and season 1 is complete as of now. The director of the series is Ajay Bhushan. Matsya kaand web series cast comprises seasoned movie stars like Rajesh Sharma, Piyush Mishra, Ravi Kishan as well as talented and young tv personalities like Ravii Dubey. It is a story of a con man and his quest for revenge that leads him to come across nemesis after nemesis but also a few friends to support him. It is a real binge-worthy show with lots to offer for everyone. Season 1 was a tremendous success and Matsya kaand season 2 is more than expected too, but we will get over to that in a while. First, let us cover all the facts about season 1.

Matsya kaand cast & characters

The show has very dynamic and very neatly written characters as well as aptly cast actors and actresses to fill colour in them. Let us meet each of them and tell you about their characters a little bit;

  • Ravii Dubey plays Matsya Thada or Matsya. He is a conman, a master of conjuring disguises & a witty, charming, intelligent and masterful fraudster. But once, he used to be an average and intelligent student in his school, which changed drastically once he went to jail at 18 years old. The main objective of his conmanship is to exact his and his master’s revenge.
  • Ravi Kishan in as Tejraj singh. An ACP in the police he is your typical bad cop, with twisted means to get things done and a mind quite like that of a criminal. He is on a mission to stop Matsya in his tracks after he pulls a big scam in the first few episodes. And as said earlier, he is ready to go to any lengths to achieve his aim.
  • Piyush Mishra as Anand pandit. He is the teacher of Matsya whom he meets in his jail and he is his fellow inmate. Pandit Ji as he is called in the show, he is a wise and cunning man & he teaches him the fine art of doing con and being a conman.
  • Madhur Mittal in as Rajeshwar singh. A tech genius in a small town and an accomplice in the kaand of Matsya in his city.
  • Zoya afroz as urvashi. She is the charismatic and beautiful trickster who in the name of magic cons and deceits people for a living. Her life turns around when she joins hands with Matsya and his other accomplice.

Matsya Kaand cast has so many other supporting characters and actors that add quality to the show.

Matsya kaand web series important plot details

Now we don’t want to spoil your viewing experience beforehand thus we are not giving away any spoilers. We are only telling you some necessary things which may help you in watching the show in a better way,

  • First and foremost, it is heavily inspired and based on the various instances from the epic of Mahabharata and the various beliefs of Hinduism. The name of all the episodes is based on either an entity in Mahabharata or an instance or article from it.
  • The name of the protagonist is Matsya, which also signifies one of the 10 avatars of Lord Vishnu.
  • Despite the inspiration and the name of the episodes, this is in no way a religious series. It just takes inspiration from certain religious areas.
  • The characters are well written and they fit in the story without any major effort.
  • Matsya kaand cast has a great mixture of experience and young talent and everyone compliments each other's performances.
  • The use of real locations throughout the episodes is a blessing for the quality of any movie or series and this show has nailed it in that aspect too.

Matsya kaand release date  

The show aired in India on 18th November 2021, on MX player and it is free to watch with Hindi and English subtitles.

Matsya kaand season 2 news

After the grand success of the first season, fans are eager for its next chapter. But sadly there isn’t any official news regarding this. But a good chance is there that it would be coming in 2022 only later in the year. It is also not clear if the original Matsya kaand cast would be seen again or it would be a different roster.


An engrossing, entertaining, and thoroughly enjoyable show with thrill, and emotions that speak to you. We highly recommend that you give Matsya Kaand web series on MX player a try. You won’t be disappointed at all.

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Is Matsya Kaand worth watching?

Yes, it's an absolutely worthy show.

Will there be Season 2 of Matsya Kaand?

there isn't any confirmed news about it yet but it is highly likely.

Is matsya Kaand hit or flop?

This show is a commercial success.

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