90ml: How Does Devadas Handle His Alcohol And His Love Life

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Kartikeya Gummakonda and debutant Neha Solanki are the stars of the 2019 romantic comedy 90ml telugu movie. Producing the movie is Ashok Reddy Gummakonda. Starring rapper Roll Rida, actors Ravi Kishan, and Satya Prakash portraying supporting parts, the lead actress was cast as Neha Solanki.

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About The Movie:

Devadas (Karthikeya) must consume 90ML of alcohol thrice times a day to exist because he was diagnosed with fatal alcoholic syndrome. Suvasana (Neha Solanki), who abhors drinking, wins his heart. Then Jon Wik (Ravi Kishan) joins the love story and causes turmoil, and the plot twist occurs.

90ml Movie Telugu Cast:


  • Sekhar Reddy Yerra


  • Sekhar Reddy Yerra


  • Kartikeya Gummakonda as Devadas
  • Neha Solanki as Suvasana
  • Ravi Kishan as Jayram 
  • Ajay as Seshu
  • Rao Ramesh as Kshunaakar Rao, Suvasana's father
  • Pragathi as Devadas's mother
  • Satya Prakash as Ramdas, Devadas's father
  • Roll Rida as Kishore
  • Raghu Karumanchi as John Wick's henchman
  • Prabhakar as Raja
  • Posani Krishna Murali as Murali
  • Ali as Dr. Nadiridinna, Rehabilitation Center
  • Gundu Sudarshan as Doctor
  • Praveen as Vignesh
  • Thagubothu Ramesh as Ramesh
  • Duvvasi Mohan
  • Kalyani
  • C V L Narasimha Rao
  • Baby Nidhi Reddy
  • Nellore Sudharshan


  • Ashok Reddy 
  • Gummakonda

90ml Movie Telugu Plot:

Because of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Devadas (Kartikeya) must ingest 90 ml of alcohol per few hours to survive. He fell in love with Suvasana (Neha Solanki), a physiotherapist having a social cause, while he was a young unemployed man. Especially the aroma of alcohol offends her father, Rao Ramesh. Devadas conceals his drinking behavior from the girl plus her family as a result.

Meanwhile, the fearless Devadas grow to hate John Wick, a strong industrialist portrayed by Ravi Kishan, and Suvasana as well. The remainder of the narrative focuses on what transpires once Suvasana learns the truth about Devadas and how John Wick tries to take advantage of the circumstance.

90ml Movie Review:

First off, the idea itself has flaws, despite how strange it may sound. If women drink heavily when pregnant, fetal alcohol syndrome will result. The illness is then present at birth in the children. If the line is managed skillfully, customers never complain about the liberties used in the plot. The freshness of Sekhar Reddy's ideas is compromised by his inexperience in writing and directing. The script is rife with forced and predictable scenarios. The screenplay must be extremely tight when the main plot is so thin to captivate the romance track plus keep the audience in splits with humor. Sekhar Reddy ignored this point. Even though he introduced a lot of personalities to make the audience laugh and feel better, this regrettably failed to appeal to the crowd.

The cinematography of J Yuvraj is as vibrant as eye-treat blocks. Anup Rubens wrote two and three songs that were good and messy, but the background music is fine. The production qualities are excellent, but the editing leaves much to be desired.

Moving on to the 90ml movie review, Karthikeya once again dazzled with his enthusiasm for action scenes, dance moves, and acting comfort. But he needs to shift his attention away from stories that glorify heroes and toward pictures with a strong message. Neha Sonanki has a good screen presence and naturally attractive girl next door looks. Satya Prakash appeared out of place at the part that required innocence as well as honesty, whereas Rao Ramesh was as normal. However, Posani, Ali, and the rest of the comic troupe occasionally made people laugh. In the guise of humor, Ravi Kishen, Prabhakar, and Roller Raghu turned out to be annoying in a 90ml movie review.

We've watched a lot of movies with protagonists that have strange illnesses. While a handful of them were notable hits, most disappeared barely a trace. 90ML sits someplace in the middle because it doesn't have much of an engaging element, but it does include some recycled comedic episodes that might appeal to a wide audience.

A glimpse into the protagonist's life after receiving a rare sickness diagnosis is provided in the first half of the first sections. His problem's effects are not displayed or noted. However, the illness was advertised, preparing us to have fun in the upcoming chapters.

Later on, illogical scenarios and callous treatment were to blame for all the harm. Songs are handled incorrectly and romance, which should have played a major role, is handled feebly rather than developing the chemistry between the lead pair. Ravi Kishen's villainous thread is very unpredictable. Neha with her family is aware of Karthikeya's first drinking habit, the intermission, as was to be expected. 90ml Telugu movie release date 6 December 2019.

Things become even more sluggish in the second half when the narration needs more energy. The comedic segments on Karthikeya's disease briefing are among the later segments that are cruelly drawn out. The grace was beyond the power of Ravi Kishen's meditation, Praveen's entrance, or even Ali's scenes of recovery. The film finishes happily, just like every typical commercial film.


90ML is an unevenly produced movie with a mediocre screenplay and a feeble direction overall. Karthikeya's 90 ML may appeal to those front-benchers who enjoy bits and pieces of comedy and action, but it lacks the necessary energy to make the audience drool with delight.

90ml Rating IMDb:

5 out of 10 with 490 votes on IMDb

90ml Trailer:

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