7 Movie Review: 2019 Indian Mystery and Romantic Thriller Film

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Seven Telugu movie is directed by Nizar Shafi, produced by Ramesh Varma, and features music by Chaitan Bharadwaj. In this film, the primary protagonist's parts were portrayed by Rahman, Regina Cassandra, Havish, Nandita Swetha, Aditi Arya, Anisha Ambrose, Pujitha Ponnada, and Tridha Choudhury.

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About The Movie 

Ramya files a complaint that her husband Karthik is missing. She explains the situation and tells the cop when her husband has gone missing. After getting information from her, the cop discovers that it is the same person Ramya mentioned. Continue reading this article to get more detailed information on 7 movie review Telugu and its plot to decide if you would be willing to watch it. 

Seven Tamil Movie Cast


  • Nizar Shafi


  • Havish as Karthik / Krishnamurthy
  • Rahman as Vijay Prakash
  • Regina Cassandra as Saraswathi
  • Nandita Swetha as Ramya
  • Anisha Ambrose as Jenny
  • Tridha Choudhury as Priya
  • Pujita Ponnada as Bhanu
  • Aditi Arya as Abhinaya
  • Vidyullekha Raman as, Karthik's coworker
  • Dhanraj as Karthik's coworker (Telugu version)
  • Kishore Rajkumar as Karthik's coworker (Tamil version)
  • Satya as a journalist


  • Ramesh Varma

Seven 2019 Story

A police investigator is confused by the contradictory claims made regarding the identity of a mysterious individual named Karthik while investigating him. He is the husband of three young women who say they have a mysterious connection to him and identify Karthik as their lost spouse from days or months prior. An elderly guy from asylum claims to have known Krishnamurthy, who had passed away thirty years earlier, as Karthik. The older man was discovered dead the following day. After the elderly guy passes away, a different woman named Priya makes an appearance and identifies Karthik as her missing spouse from the previous day. The police are taken aback by her claim because they had detained Karthik two days earlier on suspicion of killing the older man. During the investigations, Karthik misses the other three women who claimed him as their husbands. The woman is brought to the detained Karthik in the following scene. She smiles at Karthik when she sees him, pulls out a revolver, and shoots him. The policeman stops her in her tracks and inquires why she is acting this way. She discusses her relationship with Karthik and her marriage to him. Karthik leaves her after their marriage because of a misunderstanding. After a few months, she learns about his extramarital relationships with three other women (who claimed Karthik as their husband in the story's first half). She was startled by the information and assumed that Karthik was a playboy who had ruined the lives of four women (including her own), so she judged that he could not live. Karthik escapes from the hospital, and with the aid of a journalist, he seeks out those females to find out why they are trying to ruin his life.There, he discovers that all accusations against him are untrue since a play was created against Karthik at the older woman Saraswati's request. The key offender who prevents those girls from being raped is Sarswati, the woman who manufactured the incident to enlist the girls' assistance in harassing Karthik for revenge. This woman is revealed to be Karthik's former spouse, who murders her father and creates a fake wedding to know Krishnamoorthy (father of Karthik). On the eve of their marriage, Krishnamurthy discovers that Saraswati exhibited psychotic traits and was the assassin who killed both her father and the family of his fiancée, Bhanu. He runs off and falls into a river. Saraswati is taken to an asylum and eventually released. She observes Krishnamoorthy leading a comfortable life alongside Bhanu and their two kids. Except for the son, who turned out to be Karthik, she kills them all on the same day. She continues to see Krishnamoorthi as Karthik in her hallucinations right now, and she wants to kill him in revenge for turning her down. Karthik's wife, Priya, is abducted, and she holds him at gunpoint and tells him to commit suicide. Karthik is being saved by ACP Vijay Prakash, who suffers harm in the process. She is shot in the leg by the police, and she eventually kills herself without telling them where Priya is hiding. When Priya is finally discovered by Karthik and the police in the basement, she apologizes for mistaking him, and they are reunited. Explore and read more about the 7 movie review sections in the following section. 

Seven Telugu Movie Review

This paragraph will only talk about seven movie reviews. It appears to be a good story as you watch it. However, the execution is poor. The plot is complicated for audiences to believe because of several logical flaws. Even though the director included a few surprises at the conclusion, the audience is not in the mood to accept them because they are already tired of the production. The characterization needs to have been appropriately crafted. The photography is excellent. In several scenes, the lip-synching of the actors doesn't match the voice, giving the impression that the movie is being dubbed.

Rahman has performed to the best of his abilities in what is not a different part for him. The other standout actor in this movie is Regina Cassandra. The other stars, including Nandita, put on a good show. Hoping that the 7 movie review paragraph was somehow helpful to you. 7 movie review clearly shows us if this film is worth watching or can skip.

Not everyone will enjoy the drama and intrigue that develop in the second half. Overall, Seven might turn out to be a mediocre and unimpressive watch. 7 movie review might have helped you in deciding whether to watch or not. Those who like thrillers might give this movie a shot but control your expectations. 

Seven Movie Rating

For Seven 2019, 455 IMDb users have rated it with a weighted average of 5.2 out of 10. 

7 Movie Trailer


Ques 1. What is the story of seven Telugu movie?

Ans. Confusion over Karthik's identification is caused by other comments made to the police officer. He seems to have a strange relationship with several young women. An elderly guy claims to recognize Karthik as the late Krishnamurthy.

Ques 2. Is seven Telugu movie a horror movie?

Ans. No, it's a thriller. 

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