36 Vayasulo: How Vasanthi Become Business Woman From Homemaker

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A replication of his Malayalam film How Old Are You (2014), 36 Vayasulo is a 2015 Indian Telugu comedy-drama film directed by Rosshan Andrews. Suriya Sivakumar is the film's producer for the first time under his production company 2D Entertainment. After such an eight-year absence, Jyothika latest movie Telugu.

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About The Movie:

As Vasanthi's family plans to relocate to Ireland minus her, she experiences a midlife crisis. She is reluctant to understand this rapid change because she was a dutiful daughter-in-law, wife, and mother of a teenager in addition to working a routine 9–5 government job. Crestfallen, she decides to make amends upon being inspired.

36 Vayasulo Cast:


  • Rosshan Andrrews


  • Viji


  • Jyothika as Vasanthi Tamizhselvan
  • Ram Prasad as Tamizhselvan 
  • Abhirami as Susan David
  • Nassar as Commissioner Rajan
  • Siddhartha Basu as President of India
  • Amritha Anil as Mithila Tamizhselvan
  • Delhi Ganesh as Vasanthi's father-in-law
  • Kalaranjini as Vasanthi's mother-in-law
  • Bose Venkat as Police Officer
  • Ilavarasu as Vegetable Merchant
  • Sethu Lakshmi as Thulasi
  • M. S. Bhaskar as Stephen
  • Devadarshini as Girija Sreenivasan
  • Khalid Hussain as Plants Creative Officer
  • Prem as Jayachandran
  • Mohan Raman as Nalabagam Chellur Pichai
  • Vazhakku En Muthuraman as Vasanthi's superior
  • Sujatha Sivakumar as Raan
  • Bayilvan Ranganathan as Bayilvan Ranganathan
  • Scissor Manohar as Auto driver
  • Rajasekar as a retired teacher and neighbor
  • Karnaa Radha
  • Mippu
  • Vettai Muthukumar as Kurian


  • Suriya

36 Vayasulo Plot:

Vasanthi, 36, serves as a UD clerk for the Revenue Department, as well as Tamizhselvan, her husband, is employed by All India Radio. Vasanthi is unable to move to Ireland with Tamizhselvan although most Irish employers will not consider her application forms due to her advanced age. Tamizhselvan hopes to immigrate to Ireland. She lives a boring life with nothing particularly intriguing, yet she longs for a variety.

When Vasanthi is called into the IG's office a day, she finds out that the Indian President wants to speak with her. She passes out right in front of the president, which leads to Facebook jokes about her, and the appointment turns into a disaster. She then stands helplessly by as her husband and child Mithila board a flight for Ireland. Vasanthi's high school classmate Susan David, who is currently a successful CMO, encourages her to reclaim her former self, a woman with enormous ideas and ambitions. Susan David serves as a reminder of the fearless, strong woman Vasanthi once was. A marriage caterer order gives Vasanthi, who is urged to set higher goals for herself, an idea. In addition to improving her home greenhouse and encouraging several women in her neighborhood to create their greenhouses for their families' benefit, she gains knowledge about the hazardous market crops which are sprayed with toxic pesticides.

Vasanthi's presentation on the idea of organic greenhouse farming is warmly welcomed by the audience when Susan secures her a spot at the annual architectural conference for the area, which is attended by important people from around the nation.

Vasanthi maintains her new endeavor despite opposition and lack of encouragement from her husband, and it ends up being a huge success since she was able to fulfill the requirements of the marriage caterer order and put her vision into action. She gains recognition for her efforts on the national and regional levels. Vasanthi receives another invite from the Indian President as a result of her success. Vasanthi responds to the President's questions deftly and steadfastly this time, earning the gratitude and respect of her daughter and husband which she so richly deserves.

36 Vayasulo Review:

The Tamil version is crisper, a key character (played by Jayaprakash) is introduced early in Vasanthi's life, and some scenes are managed to make it more plausible such as in the Malayalam version, the heroine would go all alone to stay the night in the hotel before actually having to meet the president and yet here, we perceive her mother-in-law escorting her, the dialogues are stronger even though this isn't Viji's best work, and the slang is improved. This might be impressive Jyothika movies in Telugu among all.

But a few of the issues still exist. Some important scenes have lines that are read, rather than uttered, giving the impression that the scenario is manufactured. like the ones where Vasanthi is inspired by Susan as well as the president. Even a little flashback to emphasize Vasanthi's commitment in the final scene seems superfluous.

In 36 movie, the husband is portrayed as a tyrant to make us feel far more sympathy for the female protagonist is what disappoints me the most. Tamizhselvan doesn't give the impression of being an insensitive spouse to his wife's needs. Instead, he is shown in the movie to be a nasty man who takes out his anger on his wife and is quite fine with taking advantage of her.

In an accident investigation, he first gets her to admit to him by deceiving her and talking his way out of the situation. Then, in 36 film we witness him accuse her of purposely thwarting his travel arrangements to Ireland. In a different scenario, he brings her out for dinner under the guise of getting his kid away from her because he is humiliated by her, despite his knowledge that she is in a bad place. Finally, he makes it clear that he views her primarily as a housekeeper who doesn't require payment. We could have been satisfied at a minimum if there had been a sequence demonstrating how this cruel man eventually learns to appreciate and value his wife. But all we see throughout the climax is him embracing his wife's hand, which feels untrue and perhaps even disrespectful to Vasanthi's role.

The story of 36 vayasulo review may be well known, but the concerns it raises—women putting their aspirations on hold after marriage, the difficulty of succeeding as an older person, and the need for organic agriculture are very real. Despite its flaws, the movie is a gripping story. Andrews also succeeds in adding humor to several of the moments, which prevents the plot from feeling overly dramatic. And the movie has an actor in Jyotika.


Jyothika movies list Telugu is always impressive but in this, she made a remarkable comeback, who really can dominate the screen, make viewers care for and support the character, and help women feel joyous when she succeeds. Hope this article understands the concept of the film and we can recommend you to watch the film.

36 Film Vayasulo Rating IMDb:

6.9 out of 10 with 856 votes on IMDb

36 Vayasulo Trailer:

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