3 Monkeys: How 3 Friends Solve The Murder Mystery Escape From Blame

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Anil Kumar G directed as well as wrote the 2020 comedy-drama 3 Monkeys, which was also produced by G. Nagesh under the name of Orugallu Cine Creations. The plot centers on three friends who encounter Sunny Leone, a character portrayed by Karunya Chowdary and end up in difficulty.

Hola guys we are back again on the channel to tell you about the interesting 3 monkeys that you can watch but first, you must want to know how is it all regarding it like the 3 monkeys movie review Telugu, story, cast, and all other details.

About The Movie:

The comedy and message-driven film 3 Monkeys. G Anil Kumar was in charge of both the direction and the storyline. Financial problems were handled by Nagesh G. Editing is under the direction of Uday Kumar. Sunny oversaw DOP projects. After a hot and attractive female enters the lives of three buddies, trouble starts to develop. One by one, they begin to fall into problems, and when Shatru is brought into the situation, things only become worse.

3 Monkeys Telugu Movie Cast:


  • Anil Kumar G


  • Anil Kumar G


  • Sudigali Sudheer as Santhosh
  • Getup Srinu as Phani
  • Ram Prasad as Anand
  • Karunya Chowdary as Sunny Leone
  • Kautilya as C.I. Sathru
  • Shakalaka Shankar as Doctor Bali


  • G. Nagesh

Three Monkeys Movie Cast:

Santhosh, Phani, as well as Anand are the 3 buddies among whom the story is centered. Anand serves as a software engineer, Santhosh is a marketing professional, and Phani seems to be an aspiring film director. One day, they stumble upon Sunny Leone, who is momentarily unconscious due to a rare cardiac condition. In one such event, the three believe she must be buried because they believe she is dead. As they find that a murder has indeed occurred in the same area, they come upon cops. After learning about it, dishonest police officer C.I. Sathru tried to blackmail the individuals. What is the police officer's as well as the pals' relationship history? The main conflict in the story is what occurs next.

Three Monkeys Movie Review Telugu:

To treat their PME disorder, 3monkeys devises a "Dinchik Dinchik" program, however, they run across problems. The nuisance police officer had an unforeseen demand for a bribe, which this 3monkey attempted to satisfy to learn more about real life and how people deal with situations. The climax question is whether they will be able to escape.3 monkeys movie release date was 7 January 2020.

The three actors are in nearly every scene and support the entire movie. In some instances, their punches are effective. However, it was nice to see them playing more emotionally charged roles in the movie's closing act. Each of them modulated differently and gave it their all.

For illustration, Sudigali Sudheer portrays Santhosh as how, in the wake of her passing, he holds onto his mother's words. Getup Following watching the performance, Srinu as Phani would make you cry as tears flow over his script book's second part. Auto The overwhelming desire of Ram Prasad's Anand makes a U-turn, but he still stands up for his buddies.

The makers go on to say that the pattern might eventually disrupt other good man's quiet life. Those impacted don't appear to take lessons from the past. Even when heavy clouds gather over the gorgeous landscape just on Marmara Sea beaches that were taken with the digital artistry of Gokhan Tiryaki (the cinematographer of Ceylan's Climates as well), the cosmic drama continues to unfold like a Shakespearean or Tolstoyan tragedy. Do we have any control over the things that happen to us in life? This represents the implicit query posed to the audience by the movie. Do life's circumstances compel us along routes we wouldn't have chosen on our own? Do we desire to make huge mistakes like a "monkey" or do we wish to learn from our mistakes? Ironically, the movie itself is a creation of a different family, albeit a very brilliant one. The writing for this intriguing movie was done by the husband-and-wife team of Ercan Kesal (an actor in 3 Monkeys 2020 who plays the politician in the film), Nuri Bilge Ceylan (director, editor, and writer of Three Monkeys picture), and Ebru Ceylan writer and art director of Three Monkeys, actor in Distant and Climates, and award-winning short-filmmaker.

The placement of a specific song—which is highly emotional and plays during the second half's pivotal scenes—is excellent. It is also carefully thought out to include a minor twist that turns the narrative on its head. Satru, the police officer played by the actor, plays the part quite well. Karunya Chowdary did well in her role as well.

In many ways, the movie is pretty predictable. The remainder of the events is rather routine, save for a twist. The film's narration by the filmmaker is straightforward and does not affect the action. The plot is likewise predictable and very weak. The movie's climax is not at all spectacular and is hurriedly concluded.

Although the principal characters have performed admirably in their comedic parts, the movie does not feature any of their anticipated humor. The performers also did not have a lot of room to express themselves due to the weak story. The movie contains several repeated situations that should have been omitted. The result of the 3 monkeys movie box office collection was that it was a hit.

The movie's quality of the show is just about acceptable. Although the editing is terrible, the BGM was tolerable. Both the camera work as well as the music was very acceptable. In terms of the film's direction, Anil Kumar did a very mediocre job. Both his narrative and narration are dated. The comedy on display isn't that funny, and the second half's emotional content unfortunately doesn't work out effectively.

These three make you smile, squirm in your seat, and cry. If you have strong emotions and trust in karma, you won't be let down! Whatever brings you down, just stick together, and you'll find a solution. Stand your ground and engage the issue rather than flee from it.


The other primary cast members, including Sudheer, performed wonderfully and made the audience laugh and feel things. The director did a fantastic job of presenting the movie, however, the storyline and music both received negative reviews. Viewers can view only once overall.

Three Monkeys IMDb Rating:

4.8 out of 10 with 122 votes on IMDb

Three Monkeys Trailer:

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