2 Hours Love: Story Of A Couple In A Contractual Relationship

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A Telugu film titled 2 Hours Love movie, 2019, is a drama and romance film. Sri Pawar, Kriti Garg, Tanikella Bharani, and Narsing Yadav played critical roles in the Sri Pawar-directed film. A girl designs a contractual partnership agreement for a couple, stating that they will only spend two hours a day together. At the same time, the girl insists that they only meet between the hours of 4-6 pm every day. 

Hello all, welcome back to our page. Today we are talking about another South Indian Telugu movie, 2 Hours Love. 2 Hours Love movie release date was on 6 Sep 2019. The film stars Sri Pawar and Kriti Garg in prominent roles. This article will mainly focus on 2 hours Love movie review, stories, and ratings. Continue reading through this article if you are a south Indian or a south Indian movie enthusiast. 

About The Movie

In the 2 Hours Love movie, Avika is dear to Adith. He declares his affection for Avika. Adith accepts Avika's condition and desires to spend time with her despite her declaration that she will only love him for two hours. Additionally, she says that she wants to take a two-month vacation, and Adith agrees to all of her terms. But after a few months, he learns that her real name is Nayana, not Avika. She changed her name, but why? Sheer acceptance of Adith's love. To learn more, read through the 2 hour love movie review in this article and decide if it's worth watching. 

2 Hours Love Movie Cast


  • Sri Pawar


  • Rajini Kanth Kota


  • Sri Pawar as Adit
  • Kriti Garg as Avika
  • Tanikella Bharani as Bharani
  • Narsing Yadav as Narsing
  • Ashok vardan as Vasu


  • Akhila Ganji under the banner Srinika Creative Works 

2 Hours Love Story

2 Hours Love is a love story with an overlay of suspense. The two hours a day that the Hero and Heroine are in love. No matter what, they only fall in love between the hours of 4 and 6 each day. Both before and after 4 o'clock, they act weirdly. They don't even make wishes or converse when they unintentionally catch each other. Although he struggles to do it, the boy must because the girl will only accept his love under this condition. When Hero proposes to Heroine, she will say that she is unavailable only between 4 and 6 pm daily due to work and other commitments. She also lists several restrictions, such as that they won't get intimate after 6 o'clock, they won't spend time with friends and relatives, etc. The lead actor won't consent to love him unless he accepts all the terms. She will also prepare an agreement with all the terms and have the Hero sign it. She will end the relationship if he violates any of the guidelines. 2 hours Love story has an exciting angle compared to all the usual love stories shown these days. To learn more about the cast's roles in the movie and the storyline, read the 2 Hours Love movie review section. The 2 hours Love movie review will assist you in determining whether you should see it for entertainment purposes or skip it and not take it on to others.

2 Hours Love Movie Review

This section explores 2 hours love movie review part for you all. In the 2 Hour Love movie Sri Pawar gave it his all, which shows in his performance. Gyani Singh's music is impressive because the tracks are well-composed. His love song's backing music is excellent. Regarding the filmmaker Sri Pawar, his idea was sound, but the lazy method he carried out revealed his incompetence. In dramatic situations, he shines. Kriti Garg looks beautiful and performs at her peak. The sense of humor of Srinivasa Raju is too good in the film. In this 2 hours love movie, the director created a fresh plot. He gave everything in the starring role as an actor and director. Even though the story is new, the following scenario is entirely predictable. However, the lead actress and other performers did an excellent job acting, and the production values are high.

The director put a lot of effort into creating a romantic comedy. But did he succeed? The film had a promising beginning, but a few pointless moments caused it to lose its way. The scenes seem to repeat themselves at times. The photography work by the team was okay, but its editing is bad. The celebrities adapted nicely to their roles. The BGM is fantastic, and the musical composition is mediocre. Although the director has a clever idea, his execution is lacking.

It might have turned out well if the filmmaker had paid close attention to the screenplay and execution. However, hope the 2 hours love movie review section and the overall blog have helped you to know more about the movie. 2 Hours Love movie is a 2 hours movie with romance and drama. The film can only be watched once. Thank you for reading till the end, hope the sections such as cast, 2 hours love movie review, and story mentioned in this blog has been helpful to you. Keep visiting the website for more updates about the film, movies, and media industry. 

2 Hours Love IMDb Movie Rating

About 1,826 IMDb users gave this 2 hours Love review a weighted average rating of 6.9/10. 

2 Hours Love Trailer

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