1000 Abaddalu: A Short Crispy Review On 2013 Telugu Romantic And Drama Movie.

Saumya Sharma Aug 26 . 5 min read

1000 Abaddalu is a Telugu romantic film released on 15 August 2013. It is a romantic drama movie with a total duration of 2 hours and 30 minutes. The director of the film is Teja and is produced by N Seeta Ramayya and P Suneeta. The main leads are Ester Noronha and Sai Ram Shankar. The director Teja is well known for his records of past movies let's see his direction in this one.

Hello friends! We try our level best to give you a complete package of entertainment and fun. Today also 99chill.com is back with another good movie for you. Today we bought a Telugu romantic comedy-drama movie that is 1000 Abaddalu. Keep reading to get all the information about the movie.

About 1000 abaddalu movie

Directed and written by Teja. There is a total of 6 songs in the movie. The singers are Nihal, Deepak, Malathi, Hemachandra, Sravana Bhargavi, and Rahul Nambiar. The lyrics of the songs are written by Pothula Ravi Kiran and Kasarla Shyam.

1000 abaddalu movie cast

Director :





Ester Noronha as Sathya, Sai Ram Shankar as Sathya, Nagendra Babu, Satya Akkala, Babu Mohan, Kondavalasa, Suman Shetty, Chalapathi Rao, Raghu Karumanchi, Hema, Naresh, Satyam Rajesh.


P Suneeta, N Seeta Ramayya

Story of 1000 Abaddalu

The Story starts with showing the main lead Sathya. Here Sathya was shown narrating his flashback story in a train in injured condition to the passengers beside him. Sathya is a well-known owner and was running an Ad company. He falls in love with a girl named Sathya, but unfortunately, she is already engaged to Arya. But Sathya's love, at first sight, was so strong that he decided that he will marry her. He started using silly and cheap techniques filled with so many lies, Sathya and his friends decided that they would do something so that Sathya(the female lead) also fell in love with him. On the other side, there is someone who also loves Sathya that isTower Star (Naga Babu). Sathya decided to break the engagement and got help from Arya in marriage. But Very soon Sathya (heroine) realizes the truth about the marriage and the way Sathya(hero) manipulated her and filled her mind with so many lies and fraud. She also doubted that Sathya is having an extramarital affair she decides to go away from her husband. But in further scenes, the story takes a complete turn when Sathya (heroine)’s friend Swathi gets raped by Minister Machi Raju. Now, Sathya decided to investigate the case and wanted to know the reality behind it. She takes the help of her husband Sathya. They solve this case using DNA technique but how? This is one of the main dramas ahead. And what about the admirer of Sathya? You will see how Tower star is used ahead. It will also be interesting to see that whether Sathya will be able to gain the trust of her wife or if he will continue telling her lies.

1000 abaddalu review

The audience loved the role of Naga Babu(Tower Star). He is shown as a boy who is madly in love with Esther. (Sathya) he does not have a lead role in the movie, but still, he entertained the audience whenever he appeared on the screen. His comedy timing is loved by everyone.

The audience also liked the acting of Sai Ram Shankar. His work is liked especially in the second half. In some scenes where he is with the heroine is really liked and has been executed quite nicely. The comedy scenes made it unique from other films but the romance and drama were considered boring and just similar to other films. There were no such scenes to make some interest in the climax. Although there were many unwanted and unrequired scenes that bored the audience It would have been much better if the execution would take place properly. The second half made people quite confusing and there was no such logic in it. The audience didn't like the work of the heroine. She wasn't really able to manage her emotions under the character played by her. The heroine’s role could have been much better.


Apart from the acting of Naga Babu, everything needs improvement. The film would have gained more success if Naga Babu's role was more. The camera work is done nicely also the two songs in the first half are very good but the songs in the second half are placed where it was not really necessary.

1000 abaddalu ratings: 1.5/5

Trailer of 1000 abaddalu:


Ques. What is 1000 abaddalu heroine name?

Ans. 1000 abaddalu heroine is Esther.

Ques. What is 1000 abaddalu movie release date?

Ans. 1000 abaddalu is released on 15 August 2013.

Ques. Who worked the best in 1000 abaddalu cast?

Ans. The audience loved the work of Naga Babu.

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