1 Nenokkadine: Mentally Sick Rockstar On His Way To Take Revenge From His Parents Imaginary Killers

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 Sukumar's 2014 Telugu-language psychological action movie 1 Nenokkadine is from India. The film was made under the 14 Reels Entertainment brand by Ram Achanta, Gopichand Achanta, and Anil Sunkara, and it was released by Eros International 1 Mahesh Babu movie as well as Kriti Sanon, who marks her debut appearance in this movie, are the leads.

Hey friends, how are you doing today we are here to tell you about the film that is hinted at in the title all about it which includes 1 nenokkadine review, its story, movie cast, and all other details.

About The movie:

 Mahesh Babu plays a rock star in the romantic action comedy 1 Nenokkadine. The female protagonist in this film is Kathak dancer & model Kriti Sanon, who resides in Mumbai. A rock star named Gautham, who has only hazy recollections of his parents, is certain that three men murdered them when he was a young boy. But after confronting and killing one of the murderers, the doctor asserts that the victim suffers from a psychological condition and that all of his memories are false.

1 Nenokkadine Cast:


  • Sukumar


  • Jakka Hariprasad


  • Mahesh Babu as Gautham
  • Gautham Krishna as a young Gautham
  • Kriti Sanon as Sameera
  • Nassar as an unnamed businessman, Chandrashekar's friend
  • Kelly Dorji as Antonio Rosarius
  • Pradeep Rawat Taxi Driver
  • Anu Hasan as Kalyani, Gautham's mother
  • Sayaji Shinde as Inspector John Baadshah
  • Anand as entrepreneur Chandrashekhar, Gautham's father
  • Posani Krishna Murali as Gulaab Singh
  • Srinivasa Reddy as Baadshah's subordinate
  • Naveen Polishetty as Naveen
  • Ravi Varma as Michael
  • Surya as Gautham's doctor
  • Amit Tiwari as actual businessman's henchman
  • Banerjee as Sameera's boss


  • Ram Achanta
  • Gopichand Achanta
  • Anil Sunkara

One Nenokkadine Movie Plot:

An Indian rock musician named Gautham has schizophrenia and 25% of his grey matter is missing. He has a hallucination of a strange guy who he thinks is one of the three people who killed his parents. Gautham was raised believing he had been an orphan that believes his parents are deceased; he has no memory of their identities or appearance. Gautham spots a member of the three men for one of his shows and pursues him. A journalist at the event named Sameera captures Gautham sparring with his fictitious foe. After "murdering" the man, Gautham turns himself over to the police and admits to assassinating three men—one in Belfast, one in Pune, and one most recently in Hyderabad. Following the tv airing of the footage by Sameera, he is freed from detention.

The psychiatrist claims that Gautham could be healed if he can have delusions about someone outside the three men. Gautham takes a trip to Goa. Sameera follows him, tricking him into believing that he is being followed by both a fan as well as a fictitious journalist that desires to speak with him (real). Gautham starts to develop feelings for Sameera. On a remote island with her, he protects her from a bunch of assailants who were attempting to kill her. Gautham discovers the truth about the fourth fictitious person while they are there, and brushes Sameera off as a troubled journalist. When Gautham discovers Sameera's plans, she has already departed for Hyderabad; he follows her. Gautham unexpectedly ruins Sameera's birthday plans in Hyderabad, which enrages her.

Because although Gautham is certain that he has invented an enemy to help him deal with being an orphan, unknown assailants attempt to assassinate Sameera, but he manages to save her. Sameera discovers that the enigmatic figure is Goa-based criminal leader Antonio Rosarios, who is pursuing her because she sought to reveal the existence of hydrogen cyanide in seeds supplied by Rosarios' business, AG1. In the foyer of Sameera's office building, Gautham encounters Rosarios. He shot Rosarios to death, reasoning that he is only a dream. When Gautham discovers Rosarios is dead as well finds out his parents were killed. When he captures an elderly taxi driver who was following him, he discovers that his parents were murdered by Rosaries as well as an Indian living in London; his father had given the cab driver a bag to bring to Gautham.

An antique Rubik's Cube, a key, and a British coin are all within the bag. In London, Gautham and Sameera, together with their driver Gulaab Singh, managed to elude a murderous assassin while Gautham's manager Michael was murdered. Whenever the Rubik's Cube is solved in a specific way, a safe deposit box number is revealed, and Gautham discovers a specimen of preserved rice there. With the aid of Sameera and Singh, he avoids the police and also the two men after avoiding a second murderous assault in a parking lot. Another of the men, a fan, wants to take vengeance on Gautham for killing his father in Belfast while he was performing there. Gautham discovers that the elderly taxi driver he had previously met is a businessman and the killer, as well as the taxi driver who was hit either by the businessman's car while Gautham's presence was an innocent civilian.

The businessman as well as Gautham square off. The businessman says that he was close friends with Gautham's father & that they both worked for the same organization. They sought to develop a type of rice called Golden that might grow in any climate. The businessman as well as Rosarios assassinated Gautham's parents when they refused to surrender it in favor of giving it away for free worldwide. He is killed by Gautham after he refuses to inform him about his parents.

Gautham approaches the school he formerly attended on his way to the airport and overhears kids singing a rhyme. He recalls his route back to his house because it makes him think of a rhyme he similarly learned from his mother. Gautham discovers a photo of his mom and dad Chandrasekhar as well as Kalyani at his home, a run-down villa. The movie concludes with Gautham gazing in his field of Golden rice, which he later refers to as "the second green revolution" while introducing the rice variety at a world conference. Now, we are going to discuss 1 nenokkadine review greatandhra in the next part.

1 Nenokkadine Review:

Nowadays, impersonating an undercover police officer or investigative reporter is viewed as being too dated. A rock star offers a tonne of song choices and the justification for dressing up the protagonist in a variety of looks. A rock star is currently thought to be the pinnacle of ultra-cool. Rockstar is then.

Now, adjusting to the plot's primary conflict—stolen identity—would be extremely difficult. To lose his memories as a result of a brain injury received in an incident would be too archaic. The villains erasing his memories would become too implausibly high-tech for the plot. We also require a dramatic element, such as the death of a loved one.

In the opening scene, Gautham is shown waking up from a childhood dream in which he is fleeing while escaping gunfire from thugs. A prophetic rock song with the lyrics Who are you? follows it. Providing you with a glimpse of the 1 nenokkadine review greatandhra and story. Gautam confesses to murdering three persons who killed his parents before turning himself into the police after the song, which features an exciting chase scene. It is discovered that our individual has a brain condition brought on by a 25% reduction in grey matter in his skull. The doctor reveals that after showing that Gautam cannot recall the appearance of his parents, which is why he is unable to distinguish between reality and delusion. Do his parents exist? Did they pass away? Is everything a product of his bleeped-out mind? The remainder of the movie aims to provide a somewhat complex response to these queries. The way the script is written has a hint of sophistication. The filmmaking is incredibly polished and uses dark color schemes to produce a dramatic mood.

And although Mahesh Babu no 1 movie occasionally overdid the melancholy act, his acting is still rather intense.

He never cracks even a half-grin all through the 1 nenokkadine logo, not even while he offers love. He appears to have practiced dancing, which should greatly please his admirers. Kriti Sanon has a lovely appearance and is healthy enough for her part. The remaining actors are only filling out the roster and carrying out instructions.

Though it isn't particularly whistle-worthy, the wording is snappy throughout. It has several clever one-liners that explore the essence of truth, identity, pain, etc. However, the soundtrack and music are depressing since they sound pretentious. The action scenes are heavily influenced by Hollywood, yet they are far from magnificent and wind up looking tacky.

It is impossible to acceptably convert raunchy Hollywood-style suspenseful thrillers due to the 1 Telugu movie format of six music, five fights, and tonnes of entertainment as well as drama.


The main character searching for his hidden past is a fantastic concept that may have been handled in a commercial setting. Instead, Sukumar chose to approach it differently, as do Tamil film filmmakers. After that break, we anticipate a quicker pace for the movie. However, the slow-moving, jumbled narrative threatens to confound the audience once more. This movie's lone saving grace is Mahesh Babu's outstanding performance. He has given his all to the role, giving it his heart & soul.

1 Nenokkadine Rating IMDb:

8 out of 10 with 27,248 votes on IMDb

1 Nenokkadine Trailer:

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Ques1. Is Nenokkadine hit or flop?

Ans. The movie was semi-hit to know the reason read 1 nenokkadine review written in the article you will know the reason.

Ques2. What is the story of 1 Nenokkadine?

Ans. A rock singer who has a mental illness as a result of his painful past believes that three men killed his parents. He enlists a reporter's assistance while he searches for the villains. To know the whole story and 1 nenokkadine review in detail read the article.

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